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Energy Transformation and Healing

with Leigh Ann Turner

Energy Transformation and Healing

with Leigh Ann Turner

Learn • Heal • Transform • Renew

Creating a space that supports the body’s natural ability to heal​​

Tree of Freedom

Welcome, to the next step on your path towards healing.

I’ve invested most of my life learning about integrated approaches to health and wellness that give people more options and self-help tools to feel empowered to heal their mind, body, and spirit. My training in a range of holistic therapies, energy-work modalities and  transformational coaching techniques allows me to assist you in your healing journey.

My passion and joy is to help others come into alignment with the truth of who they are. When you are truly aligned with the fullness of your being you can feel more alive with increased energy and joy. You begin to allow this higher part of you to guide, direct, and flow through you in everyday life. This journey is magical, powerful, sacred and life changing.

I love opening the doors to love and light within you. Once those doorways are opened and the healing, life-filling energy of love and light begin to flow within you, you are then in alignment with the creative energy of the universe. When the doors to this energy open and it flows through your body you will be allowed to break free of old painful patterns, depressions, anxieties, fears and previously held physical and emotional traumas.

Melding Energetic Modalities for Transformational Healing
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Leigh Ann

What's in a Name

The idea of Agape “unconditional love” is a concept that is near and dear to my heart.

When my husband and I were looking into the next phase of life, crone hood & retirement we discussed the possibility of continuing to share my energy work with our community. In exploring the options and names we came up with “Agape”. It was the way my mom, Doris Jean signed all of her notes, gifts and writings since as long as I can remember. Her special talent for helping others was a gift she shared with friends, neighbors, family and our church community all of her life.

I remember at a very early age she would take me with her to the nursing homes to take people on walks, do their hair, massage their achy muscles and just visit with them. Mom would take her friend that had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis twice a week down to the baptismal to do water therapy. Her nursing skills and training came in handy for those in need including helping with end-of-life transitions so people could go home and be with family & friends. She was a true inspiration for me.

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“Leigh Ann is a true healer. I don’t say this lightly having seen a number of massage and physical therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. She has a broad knowledge of many modalities which are enhanced by her intuition. If you are curious, she happily shares her knowledge with you. I appreciate that she communicates well, arrives on time, upbeat and ready to listen to my words and body. Pain seems to melt with her healing touch and spirit. I feel honored and grateful to be one of Leigh Ann’s clients.”

Amy Wade
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